Hens Party Games

A hens night is a very important and special part of any wedding, it is the bride to be’s “last fling before the ring”! Want to make your friends hens night one to remember? Try playing some of these great hens party games when your out on the town or at home.


Household High Fashion

A classic hens party game! Fashion your own stunning wedding gown from standard household items. Think toilet paper, newspaper, bin liners (especially the coloured ones!), electrical tape etc. We suggest breaking into teams for this one and then sending your models, beautifully adorned, down the runway. Make sure your cameras ready, you’ll want to document this!


Bombs Away

Supplies: 6 rubber penis-tipped straws, 1 empty wine bottle. Do you remember “Pegs in the Bottle”? Well, this is the grown-up version and a lot more fun! First, have the members of the party help you “empty” a wine bottle. Rinse the bottle out and you are ready to begin. Place the wine bottle upright on the floor. Taking turns, each player will stand over the bottle and she will receive 6 rubber penis-tipped straws. The object of the game is to drop the straws one by one to try to get the straws in to the bottle. The player’s hand should not drop below her waist. Each straw that lands in the bottle counts as one point. The player with the most points wins the game! In the case
of a tie, “empty” another bottle of wine and have a tiebreaker and so on, until there is one official winner. For a prize we recommend a full bottle of wine! Don’t forget to wash the straws and use them to sip your favourite cocktails after playing the game.


What’s In The Sack?

This game needs to be prepared ahead of time. The object is to see who can correctly identify the most objects hidden in the sack. The players can use only their hands to identify the objects. Gather some fun and some naughty items to hide in the sack. When the guests arrive have them take turns at guessing what items are hidden in the sack. They accomplish this by squeezing the outside of the sack. Ask them to write down their answers on a sheet of paper. The player with the most correct answers wins. Some examples of objects to put in the sack are: A peeled cucumber (placed in to a bag first), A carrot, A frozen banana, Any type of adult toy, If it is battery-operated why not turn it on first! A tube of lipstick, A stick of gum, Tennis balls, Pearl necklace, Condoms. This can also work as an alternative to pass-the-parcel with correct guesses awarded as prizes!