Hens Party Games

A hens night is a very important and special part of any wedding, it is the bride to be’s “last fling before the ring”! Want to make your friends hens night one to remember? Try playing some of these great hens party games when your out on the town or at home.


What’s In A Name?

Take a white T-shirt and in large letters write BRIDE on it. Now in smaller lettering write the names of different guys all over the shirt. The bride must go up to men in the bars and out on the town and ask them if they can find their name on the shirt. She must then get them to sign the shirt as proof. The object is to find all of the guy’s names. For each one that is leftover the Bride must do a shot. For fun you have to throw in some toughies like Wendell, Finnikin and Reginald!


The Task Jar

A fun pre-function game to really get the fun started. When the guests arrive at the designated meeting place, have everyone take a piece of paper (or use paddle pop sticks!) and write a task for the Hen to do that evening. On the reverse side each guest can write a special sentiment to the Bride and sign it. Suggested tasks: Kiss a bald man with a tattoo, Do a “blow job” shot, find a guy with the same name as the Groom and get proof (i.e. business card/ driving license). During the evening while the Bride accomplishes the task take a picture. When you get the photos back match them up with the piece of paper with the task and make a memory book with the incriminating photos. You may also want to include a copy of the invitations as well. Makes for a great laugh looking back.


Pecker Ring Toss

This game is readily available from most novelty shops and hens party online stores. What could say ‘hens party’ more than tossing plastic rings at a moulded pecker! This games gets even more hilarious after a few glasses of wine and is a definite winner for photos!