Hens Party Games

A hens night is a very important and special part of any wedding, it is the bride to be’s “last fling before the ring”! Want to make your friends hens night one to remember? Try playing some of these great hens party games when your out on the town or at home.


The Age Game

There are 2 ways to play this great game. Create a collage of pictures of the bride over the years and get the party to guess her age! Or create a list of life events such as first kiss, first boyfriend, graduated college etc and get the group to guess the bride’s age when each event occurred.


The Perfect Pecker

Supplies: 1 block of molding clay per person. Each player is given a block of molding clay to mold “The Perfect Penis”. Before she submits her masterpiece to the Hen for judging, she must think of a name for it. Some names might be Harvey, Slim, Stumpy, Ralph or Freddie. The Hen must choose which sculpture she likes the best. That penis sculpture will become the Hen party mascot for the evening, and the Hen must carry him along with her for the rest of the night. Can you imagine the fun you’ll have toting Freddie around for the rest of the evening?


Scavenger Hunt

There are 2 great ways to play this age old classic. Divide the group into teams and see who completes the check list first! Greatest number of points wins.You can play this with a basic checklist or amp up the fun by making photo evidence compulsory! We have a few suggestions to get you tarted!:

  • Get a guy’s phone number
  • Find a guy with the same name as the groom
  • Get a free drink from the bartender or another patron!
  • Get a condom from a stranger and then blow it into a balloon!
  • Have a piggy back ride from a stranger
  • Get a picture with a guy with a ponytail
  • Kiss the bartender
  • Find a muscly guy and take a photo lifting one of the hens up
  • Get an article of clothing from a guy
  • Have a photo with another bucks or hens party
  • Propose to a stranger
  • Get a picture with a man in uniform – think police & fireman for bonus points
  • Swap clothes with another member of the party
  • Sing karaoke in a bar – points for cringeworthy song choice.
  • Get someone to give the bride a lap dance
  • Convince a stranger to serenade the bride with a cheesy love song. Savage Garden or Backstreet Boys are great choices.
  • Get a guy to show you a not-publicly-visible tattoo.
  • Take a picture of a shot on fire (& then down it!)
  • Get a random guy to take a photo of you & your girls and upload it to his instagram with a caption of your choosing – of course you need to choose the best filter #flattering