Hens Party Games

A hens night is a very important and special part of any wedding, it is the bride to be’s “last fling before the ring”! Want to make your friends hens night one to remember? Try playing some of these great hens party games when your out on the town or at home.


Most Likely To…

We’re going back to high school for this one! For this game you’ll need a set of blank notecards and a pen. Each guest will need their own set of cards, containing the name of each guest (one per card). Therefore, if 10 girls are playing, each girl should hold 10 cards. The first player presents a “Most Likely To…” situation, such as “Most Likely to Kiss a Total Stranger.” Each player puts down the namecard of the person they think is “Most likely to…”. If you’re voted most likely, you drink. Good scenarios for this game are things like Most Likely To Hook Up At The Wedding, Next To Be Married, Appear On A Reality Show, etc


Pecker Piñata

Well it is a hens party! Even the most conservative bride can’t resist a taking a swing at a paper mache member. We suggest filling it with candy, costume jewelry, hens party accessories etc.


The Cherry Game

Place a glacé cherry in a bowl in front of each guest. Then fill each bowl with whipped cream. Have someone keep time. The race will be to see who can eat their cherry first. No hands allowed!